The Smart Tourism Destinations Network is an ambitious, long-term project that aims to promote a new reference framework to grow and increase the competitiveness of the existing Spanish tourism model, while laying the foundations for what will be a new model based on innovation, knowledge, technology, accessibility and shared governance between central, regional and local administrations.


Main governing bodies in the Network

The Network is permanently steered and chaired by the Spanish Secretary of State for Tourism and has two main management bodies to guarantee and promote its governance: the Plenary Committee, as the representative body tasked with monitoring compliance with the Protocol, and the Executive Committee, which ensures proper execution with the Protocol.

Both bodies are supported by a Technical Secretariat, a role undertaken by SEGITTUR, which assists them guaranteeing the enforcement of their decisions.

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Learn more about the Executive Committee of the Smart Tourism Destinations Network.

Structure of the Smart Tourism Destinations Network

To achieve these objectives and fulfil its duties, the Smart Tourism Destinations Network operates a structure in which all of its members participate and are represented, and which is also in line with the commitments they assumed when they joined it.



Network members have the opportunity to take part in its activities through the various working groups, events and forums available. They also have contact and access to useful information on the different topics of the key areas of the Smart Tourist Destination Programme. The Secretariat, run by SEGITTUR, is in charge of organising and coordinating all the activities that take place for the members of the Smart Tourist Destinations Network.

Members of the Network have access to various services as soon as they formalise their membership:

  • Support in implementing the Smart Tourism Destinations Model: diagnosis and plan of action.
  • Informative and active listening reports.
  • Catalogue of technological solutions and services for public managers.
  • Working groups.
  • Webinars and tutorials.
  • Databases of national and international grants, subsidies and funding.
  • Advice on EU calls.
  • Training programe regarding the Smart Tourism Destinations Model and Methodology.
  • News service and repository of studies and publications.

Access to these services, among others, will depend on the type of membership of the Smart Tourism Destinations Network.

Learn more about the management and functioning of the Smart Tourism Destinations Network on the General Action Protocol (ES) and the Operation Regulations of the Smart Tourism Destinations management bodies (ES)

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