Technological Solutions Directory

Technological Solutions Directory

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By using the provider and solution browser, you may:

  • Use the search terms entered, search through all providers and solutions listed in the directory to find matches in the information fields for each provider and/or solution.
  • Filter the results according to the five pillars that make up a Smart Tourist Destination (while also being able to find solutions for COVID-19), as well as the type(s) of solution you wish to find.
  • Search results can be sorted by solution name, supplier name, or date on which the solution was last updated in this directory.

This Directory of Technological Solutions for Smart Destinations is a collection of providers' technological solutions (products/services) available from among those national suppliers or with a branch in Spain who offer solutions for the Tourism sector, and more precisely addressed to all the activity that a public manager can carry out within a Smart Destination.

In a simple way, interested parties are offered a brief detail of both the providers and technological solutions available, being able to get further any time contacting the provider for more information. For the classification of the solutions the DTI model based on the 5 axes has been used, and in this case to facilitate the response to the pandemic caused by COVID-19, it has been added an additional category of solutions that allow you to work in this area.

The ultimate objective of this initiative is to facilitate access to the public managers of Tourist Destinations to knowledge of solutions/services and resources that help them to improve their competitiveness, therefore resulting in a meeting point between supply and demand.

May you find erroneous information, please contact us:

The acceptance of solutions and/or services in the Technological Solutions Directory does not imply in any case a recommendation by SEGITTUR, nor of the provider companies . Likewise, companies listed in the Technological Solutions Directory do not belong to the Smart Tourist Destinations Network unless specified in the provider description.

Check the updated list of collaborating companies in the Smart Tourist Destinations Network from this link.

If you wish to request the registration of a new solution in the Directory, you can identify yourself as a provider through the following link:

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